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Access Control


Securely manage access rights across multiple locations

Verify and assign rights to individuals through profile rules directly connected to their biometrics.

Provide a safe working environment for employees and visitors that comply with legislative requirements and at the highest level of certainty.

Protect employees, systems and assets from unauthorised access; with secure site management through multimodal biometric identification across the entire workforce.

Our unique TrueID platform can integrate effortlessly into your systems-based policies and configured from one central location.


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Avoid being in the wrong place at the wrong time

You need to provide a safe working environment for your employees and visitors. Compliance and legislation requirements make constant monitoring a necessity, increasing the burden on administration and resources.

Traditional proximity cards can be stolen or borrowed, creating the possibility for a security breach. Multi-modal biometric identification provides the highest level of certainty available and our unique management platform allows you to effortlessly apply your system-based policies across the entire workforce.

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Applications for Access Control


Verified identification of all workers and contractors onsite


Centrally controlled access rights policies to stock areas


Centralise access management for sensitive areas


Effective incident reporting and resource tasking