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Visitor Management

Instantly register and track visitors on the premises

Replace manual processes for staff, visitor and contractor sign-in with our TrueID solutions. Gather important reporting and usage information across multiple sites.

Costs and time associated with constant monitoring and administration is reduced and analytics on facility usage can be attained.

Legislative requirements and compliance is achieved through a highly secure biometrically enabled workflow allowing for mitigation of risk for the organisation.



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Do you know exactly who is on the premises?

You need to provide a safe working environment for your employees and visitors. Compliance and legislation requirements make constant monitoring a necessity, increasing the burden on administration and resources.

Traditional proximity cards can be stolen or borrowed, creating the possibility for a security breach. Multi-modal biometric identification provides the highest level of certainty available and our unique management platform allows you to effortlessly apply your system-based policies across the entire workforce.

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Applications for Visitor Management

Banking & Finance

Meet compliance requirements via centrally controlled access policies


Eliminate manual procedures and ensure secure child pickup


Accommodate workforce changes while maintaining procedure compliance


Real-time snapshot of on-campus student and staff populations