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Secure Manufacturing


Mitigate risk and maintain the integrity of your production process

Manufacturers of sensitive goods and services are are under increasing scrutiny to ensure their processes are secure and access to their plant and facilities is controlled.

A single incident can be catastrophic and lead to significant loss, statutory fines, brand damage and loss of consumer confidence.

Argus TrueID provides certainty of identification using the latest biometric technologies which integrate with your Building, HR, Payroll and Workforce Communication systems.

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Reduce stock shrinkage and improve profitability

Eliminate preventable loss of goods and deter human misconduct with our TrueID Retail Loss Prevention solution.

Assign and schedule access rights to the entire workforce across multiple site based on employee biometric profile.

Integrate systems such as CCTV and access control to ensure authorised and controlled entry as well as create and audit trail with report reporting and analytics

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Business Challenge

Inconsistent production quality

Any production line without a rigorous, integrated process that can be audited to ensure individual responsibilities are being carried out, is at risk of production errors and inconsistent quality.

Argus Solution

Quality and Integrity of processes

By applying ID management credentials, formalised and enforced approval processes, chain of custody and CCTV integration, Argus can minimise errors and ensure the integrity and quality of the production process.


Business Challenge

Managing operational risk

Managing risk is a multi-layered challenge which relies on the coordination of multiple parts of the business responsible for operational risk, compliance, workplace health and safety and company liability.

Argus Solution

Fit-for-purpose applications

Access based on completion of induction, the correct PPE or certification, ensures WHS compliance and governance. Our workforce management solution enables important information to be delivered directly to employees and visitors, reducing operational risk, liability and protects the organisation and its staff.

Business Challenge

Loss of consumer confidence

Contaminated product must be destroyed to ensure public safety. Consumer confidence and brand equity can be badly damaged in these situations, impacting the business revenue and profit.

Argus Solution

Integrated workforce management

Operational efficiency and quality is ensured with workforce management solutions including staff access and zone controls plus integration with WHS for checks such as drug and alcohol testing.

Business Challenge

Community safety and duty of care

Tampering and contamination are significant risks for manufacturers of sensitive goods, that impact both consumers and the general public.

Argus Solution

Central control and visibility

Workforce management and communication, controlled access and asset management, provide a high level of control and security for the manufacturing process. The risk of tampering is greatly reduced ensuring highly sensitive products reach the public safely.