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The benefits of palm vein identification

Palm vein identification is a contactless, hygienic, and non-invasive form of biometric recognition, thus promoting higher user-level acceptance. The technology detects blood flowing through the user’s palm and makes for a more secure method of verification and authentication through unique vein mapping.

Palm Vein Identification

While there are a number of methods for capturing biometric profiles, palm vein recognition is less vulnerable to duplication or fraud, due to its liveliness mapping. The technology uses infrared rays to detect blood flowing through a user’s palm to capture the vein pattern of each individual.

Image capture

A palm vein scan is captured by near-infrared rays being emitted by the scanner, which are absorbed by deoxidized haemoglobin present in the blood flowing through the veins in a user’s palm. The veins within the image captured map out the “pattern” that is used to identify an individual.

The image is then verified against the user's pre-registered pattern to grant (or deny) access to a physical location or computer network.

Business applications

Palm vein identification is suited to a wide range of environments and applications. The most common uses are in public-use areas with high-traffic locations to ensure secure flow.

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Industry solutions

Palm vein recognition systems are typically utilised in high-traffic applications.



Retail and

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Benefits summary

Contactless & non-invasive

The contactless nature of this modality is unobtrusive and hygienic compared to touch-based systems, and thus brings a higher level of comfort and acceptance to users of the technology.

High-security and accuracy

Due to its liveliness detection of movement of blood through the vein, which is unique to each user, the technology is highly secure. It is difficult to forge, with a false rejection rate of 0.01%.

Easy to use

By holding the palm over the sensor device, this identification process is easy to use in areas of high traffic to reduce congestion, while providing secure access and auditability.

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