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Justice & Corrections Identity Management

Streamlining identity-dependant processes in the justice sector

The Argus TrueID suite of business and security applications underpin prison operations around the world.

This concept we call the ‘Offender Management Architecture’ can be leveraged to address a range of operational and security challenges throughout the offender lifecycle, from secure access, visitor management, sensitive asset management, secure credentials, and prisoner movement to staff time and attendance recording.

Argus’ TrueID’s solution for the custodial market covers the end-to-end lifecycle of an offender through the various phases from arrest and the court appearance to incarceration and even parole.

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Biometric identity management streamlining
custodial processes

The Argus TrueID solution for the custodial market covers the end-to-end lifecycle of an offender through the various functional modules of the system. Throughout the journey we manage and streamline a variety of operations, using biometric identification as the starting point, beginning from the time of arrest.


Biometric information captured at the time of arrest is utilised throughout the offender’s journey. The solution streamlines a range of policing functions, including registered sex offender reporting, bail reporting and evidence tracking. TrueID manages a variety of custodial operations starting with offender transport, where secure identification through biometrics can manage mustering and movement between locations. A complete audit trail is produced which is easily matched against barcoded inmate paperwork and routing instructions.


A core benefit of Argus’ technology is access and movement control of offenders between institutions. The software allows control of prisoner transport from arrest location to court then bail or incarceration. In addition, the software can manage movements related to scheduled visits and other rehabilitative programs, monitoring compliance and progress. This assists in tracking programs, managing costs and billing as well as program effectiveness.

Prison and Corrections

Once the offender arrives at the determined location, all their identification details are available to the processing officers via the server, so paperwork and process are minimised.

The TrueID framework seamlessly integrates with existing prison security, offender information and operations systems. Our unique software manages access control,  tagged asset control, visitor management, prisoner movement control, mustering, drugs dispensing, secure credentials, and time & attendance.

Parole and Community Orders

When the offender is released, Argus’ Biometric Offender Reporting and Information System (BORIS) manages reporting to community corrections. TrueID and BORIS integrate with various GPS tracking technologies to ensure that the offender complies with orders.

BORIS allows parolees to report as ordered by simply following the prompts on the self-service touchscreen kiosk where they are securely identified using biometric credentials, or if a departmental officer requires the person to be seen, an onscreen notice is provided.

BORIS significantly reduces manpower required for manual processing of offenders at parole centres and police stations.