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Biometric data rack management solution

Argus’ Rack Management solution is designed to provide the highest level of security and accountability.

Using our identity management technology, we provide electronically-controlled access to every server rack door in your data centre and a complete audit trail of user activity.

Managing a data centre poses many challenges: Physically, you need to select the ideal location, build secure premises, control entry points, install cameras and other security, as well as ensure you have redundant power systems in the event of an emergency. Even after taking all of this into account, there can still be a level of vulnerability; especially around access to the physical data racks themselves. Whether it’s your staff or contractors, you need to ensure that the strictest level of security is maintained and that all work is fully monitored.

 How we integrate biometric solutions to solve the challenges



Data centres host confidential client data. Ensuring that only those authorised to access your server racks is a core requirement for any data centre. On any given day, numerous contractors and other individuals must be processed and validated for access to specific racks. Access for internal staff must also be managed and monitored to ensure the overall integrity of the facility.


Argus Rack Management solution ensures authorised users can quickly and easily gain access to physical racks via PIN, proximity card or biometrics. A range of hardware including touchscreen interfaces and self-service kiosks can be used to streamline onboarding, validation and access procedures. Up to 100 server rack doors can be managed via a single touchscreen interface, providing multiple levels of security, including double authorisation and time-specific access.


Once onsite, administrators must ensure access to individual data racks is actively controlled and monitored. Without an automated system, this becomes a time-consuming task for internal staff and one that is open to error and potential risk.


Individual rack access can be automated based on biometric identification and even validation of work orders, using the workflow designer. The Rack Management solution can be integrated with physical rack mechanisms such as electronic latches and swing handles to provide even greater security. Notifications and alarms can be set to instantly alert administrators to important events, such as a rack door being left open beyond a set period. All activity is logged, providing a complete audit trail for every access event.


Disparate systems that can’t communicate with each other, often result in increased back-office administration. During the course of a working day, internal data centre staff interact with multiple systems including payroll, rostering, key safes etc. all requiring manual input.


The key to maintaining effective resourcing lies in the ability of the Argus TrueID framework to integrate with existing internal and third-party systems. The users’ access rights, profiles and privileges for all these systems, can be managed centrally by the TrueID system. When used with the Argus TrueID Terminals and Kiosks, TrueID offers data centre administrators the ability to design their own user experience through the workflow design feature. Users from any and all user groups can be identified on a kiosk-based on their unique biometric signature. A centre manager can approach a terminal and access features such as user enrolment, contractor management, key safe management and any other rights as assigned. Another staff member may then present at the very same terminal and see a different set of features based on their individual access profile. This incredibly flexible approach is unique to the Argus TrueID framework.

Argus TrueID Rack Management Solution

Argus TrueID Rack Management Solution is an identification management platform that delivers biometric capabilities through a range of functional business modules. The Argus TrueID platform utilises a powerful web-based application that’s able to deploy scalable services delivering absolute certainty of identity to many business and security processes as well as master security systems and building management systems.

Visitor Management

Enrol, identify, audit and manage access control policies for all visitors, contractors and internal staff across multiple facilities

Access Control

Manage physical rack access for individuals or groups, based on time and work-order verification.

Tagged Asset Management

Self-service biometric Kiosk managing issue, use, tracking and return of tagged assets with RFID or Q/B code

Keysafe Management

Self-service biometric kiosk governing access to electronic key safes, policies for key bunches, key safes and people with real time location and status tracking

Time and Attendance

Integrates with payroll and HR systems to accurately manage time and attendance, licensing and certification

Workforce Communication

Personalised or group communications, user acknowledged. Work Health Safety, Org Policy, general notice, other

System Integration

The Argus TrueID solution is based on a platform architecture featuring a system management layer, a customisable business application layer and the user interface layer. The system has been designed to integrate easily with existing building management systems and third-party security applications via high-level interfaces or via Restful APIs. This system configuration also allows ongoing customisations to be made easily as future requirements change within the user’s environment. Developed using PHP, JSON and operating on UNBUNTU, Argus’ TrueID solution is the only solution of its kind, designed to meet the demanding needs of critical, high-risk environments.

Hardware Integration

When combined with the TrueID Terminals and Kiosks, the Argus TrueID Platform offers Data Centre customers and their clients the ability to design their own user experience through the workflow design tool. Users from any, or all user groups, can be quickly identified on a kiosk or terminal. The user’s unique access rights and privileges follow them no matter where they are in the facility. A manager of security can approach a terminal and access features such as asset check out, user enrolment, rostering information, contractor management, key safe management and any other rights assigned. These features and user interface elements are shown on screen for the user to select.

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