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Childcare Management System

Increase Childcare centre security and efficiency

Ensure security and certainty through biometric identification of parents dropping off or picking up children, with an automated, paperless system.

Caresafe integrates a Government approved, web-based Child Care Management System with biometric access control and visitor management, providing an audit trail and ensuring centres remain compliant.

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Reduce the risk to our children and improve centre efficiency

Ensure the safety of children in your organisation’s care by verifying and identifying through biometrics; parents, educators and carers entering the premise or picking up children.

Argus’ Caresafe solution integrates Government approved web-based Child Care Management System with secure Building Asset Management through biometric access control and visitor management, providing an audit trail and ensuring centres remain compliant in their operations.

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Business Challenge

Safety of key assets - children

In a busy centre environment, carers cannot be 100% vigilant on who is coming and going.

Argus Solution

Building Access Management

Set individual visitor or carer rights and provide certainty of identification through biometric verification.

Business Challenge

Resource intensive processes

Administrative tasks such as; entering data from manual sign in sheets, invoicing and consolidation of government rebate claims can be time consuming and open to error.

Argus Solution

Streamline administration

Less time spent on administration means more time providing care. With our approved CCMS solution, management of operations, finance and rebate claims is simplified with automated processes and reporting, saving time and money for the centre.

Business Challenge

Keep up with changes

Running a child care centre can be challenging. Child Care providers must constantly review their systems, operations and policies to ensure compliance with everchanging requirements.

Argus Solution

Software expertise

Being cloud based, all software updates are available immediately to all centres. Our agile software development approach means new Government requirements and the needs of individual centres are implemented quickly.

Business Challenge

Multi-site sign-in

For centres with multiple locations or a mobile workforce, the challenge is to provide access and track reporting of carers and visitors to the centres.

Argus Solution

Centralised management

Simplify administration with centralised workforce management. Set rules and access privileges to carers across multiple sites based on their biometric profile. Replicate and control policy from one central location with ease.

Upcoming Government Changes

The Australian Government will invest around $37 billion on child care support over the next four years. A significant investment of $2.5 billion will be made to support the implementation of the Jobs for Families Child Care Package, which will make our child care system more flexible, more accessible, more affordable and targeted to those that need it most.

From July 2018, there will be significant changes to the way the Federal government funds child care in Australia. A streamlined Child Care Subsidy will roll two payments into one (Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate).

For Service Providers, changes to the approval process, enrolments, compliance requirements and a new IT system to support the change will be introduced.


Caresafe has been designed with the upcoming changes in mind so you can be ready for the new compliance requirements with the minimum amount of effort’

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