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Argus TrueID Czech Republic

Argus TrueID in the Czech Republic

With increasing demand for biometric identity management solutions across Europe, our team in the Czech Republic are working with both clients and technology partners across a number of industries including banking and finance, justice, retail and data centres.

What we do

At our core, Argus TrueID is a biometric technology developer, focused on creating systems that streamline business processes through the unique and secure identification of individuals. Our deep industry knowledge and expertise have enabled us to build the ‘Biometric Enterprise’ – an environment where our clients leverage our TrueID management platform to address a wide range of business issues and challenges. Our solutions are relied upon to streamline business processes anywhere that certainty of identity is required. By placing identity at the centre of their organisations our clients are better able to meet their business objectives as well as providing their employees and customers a safe working environment.

Recent Projects

In a recent project, Argus TrueID was selected to implement an integrated identity management solution for one of Europe’s largest retailers. Stock loss (also known as shrinkage) is a significant problem for retailers that directly affects profitability. Managing staff across multiple sites and logistics locations makes this task especially difficult and time-consuming if managed manually.

By implementing a self-serve kiosk for staff, featuring biometric identification, the client was able to ensure the right staff have access to the appropriate areas at all times. In addition, the kiosk communicates with backend systems such as HR and OHS to deliver timely, personalised information directly to the screen. Company-wide announcements, induction and compliance information and roster details can be read and acknowledged by all staff and even contractors.

The solution is expected to dramatically improve loss prevention, saving the retailer millions in addition to streamlining workforce operations. With multilingual capability in our Czech Republic office, Argus is positioned to deliver the solution effectively across Europe.

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The technology of identity management and biometrics is developing so fast, it’s difficult to know where to start. We simplify the whole process for our clients, it’s what we’re good at. We solve the business challenges around identity management every day, in fact, that’s why Argus exists. We’d love to help you put identity and the centre of your organisation, so let’s connect!

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