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The biometrics market is one of the fastest growing technology industries. The range of challenges, both business and personal, that biometrics solves is exploding. Literally any challenge that requires certainty of identity can be improved and made more efficient with biometrics.

With the market tipped to be worth more than $41.5bn USD in 2020, it’s easy to understand why Argus has invested heavily in becoming a biometric market leader. At our core, we are a biometric technology developer, focused on creating systems that streamline business processes and reduce risk through certainty of identity. Our strength is in our ability to provide unique and secure identity management.

Argus’ approach is all about finding the right biometric technology for the right application. By placing identity at the centre of your organisation, we’ve pioneered ways of revolutionising your approach to business, reducing risk, improving processes, delivering cost savings and enhancing the user experience.

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