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International Secure Environments rebrands to Argus TrueID

  • International Secure Environments, a world leading biometric solutions provider for a range of key business process applications has rebranded to Argus TrueID
  • The brand refresh better aligns Argus TrueID to its core values of protecting the community by providing certainty in identification of individuals
  • Along with its new brand and logo, Argus TrueID has launched its redesigned website

Sydney (Thursday 1st June 2017) One of Australia’s most innovative technology firms, International Secure Environments, has undertaken a major refresh of its brand and global market positioning, changing its trading name to Argus TrueID.

Argus TrueID is one of the world’s leading software developers of biometric solutions focused on creating systems that streamline business processes through the unique and secure identification of individuals.  Utilising multimodal identification such as fingerprint, iris, and facial recognition, this leading Australian firm provides solutions to a range of commercial and Government clients across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Europe.

“As our business grows and evolves, we felt it necessary to better align our global marketing efforts around a brand that truly represents our offering and the breadth of solutions we provide,” said Ken Farrow, Executive Chairman and CEO, Argus TrueID.

“The new brand aligns with our key value proposition of protecting the communities where we live and work. Our value in providing certainty of identification is crucial to many industries where identity and security are key process drivers in doing business.”

With the global biometrics market expected to reach $42bn USD by 2020, Argus TrueID see the rebrand as a key component of positioning the business at the forefront of the biometrics industry.

“The increased awareness and adoption of biometric technology around the world has seen a real change in the market,” said Damien Davis, General Manager, Argus TrueID.

“What was seen as relevant only to high security only 5-10 years ago is now mainstream and it is our expectation that the demand for biometric technology as part of a range of business process functions is only going to increase.  We’re already seeing this in a range of market segments across both commercial and government markets.

“At our core Argus TrueID remains a technology developer. This rebrand enables us to better engage with the market in a way that aligns with our capability across access control, visitor management, RFID,  asset management, retail loss prevention, fast food processing, and a host of other key critical business process applications that utilise biometric  authentication.” Said Damien.

Argus TrueID will officially launch to market on June 1st 2017.

Public Relations Contact: Tia Truong, Argus TrueID
Phone: +61 2 9870 4000

About Argus TrueID
Argus TrueID is a biometric technology developer, focused on creating systems that streamline business processes through the unique and secure identification of individuals. Our deep industry knowledge and expertise has enabled us to build the ‘Biometric Enterprise’ – an environment where our clients leverage our TrueID management platform to address a wide range of business issues and challenges.


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