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The use of biometric technology is well established and has seen its place in high security projects -such as that across the Defence and Justice sector proven. Early adopters of the technology typically sat in the public sector where risk could pose great threat to systems or to the community.

For nearly 20 years, Argus TrueID has been involved in providing solutions tailored to meet the business outcomes for prisons, defence and police force across Australia and the United Kingdom.

With the advancement of biometric technology coupled with consumer acceptance for the convenience and security of such technology has led to a new era for biometric enabled solutions within the commercial sector.

Where large organisations rely on employees, business partners, contractors and they may need to manage potential visitors to the enterprise, biometric solutions can add a layer of security to the systems, people and assets of the organisation. From physical access control to asset and visitor management, Argus TrueID solutions can offer improved certainty as well as reduce cost through integration with management systems, to offer not just physical access control but logical access control and time and attendance management as an enterprise wide solution. Having the ability to see where your visitors may be located within the enterprise and report and provide an audit trail can reduce risk for any business.

The ability to integrate systems, existing and new, to improve enterprise processes, add certainty through identity management and secure resources (human or assets) to reduce risk is the core value proposition of any great biometric solution.

Seeing the value in biometric solutions is something commercial and government organisations alike should invest in. That is, understanding the potential benefits and positive outcomes prior to an event versus retrospectively implementing a solution on an event driven basis.

As the industry evolves, so too will the available information. Argus TrueID remains at the forefront of this technology in Australia and provides an open software platform to integrate almost any system to biometrically enable it for your organisation.

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